Medical Bracing and Supports Braces Elbow Braces Elbow/Shin Brace w/Germanium - Grey - Small/Medium

Elbow/Shin Brace w/Germanium - Grey - Small/Medium

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Elbow/Shin Brace w/Germanium - Grey - Small/Medium

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    • Radical pain relief for aches & injuries
    • This Incrediwear Elbow Brace can help accelerate recovery and alleviate pain.
    • Our revolutionary therapeutic fabric Elbow Brace is infused with circulation enhancing natural elements, germanium and carbon. 
    • These elements are activated by your body heat and dramatically increase blood flow to your skin and muscles, which reducespain, stiffness, swelling & fatigue.
    • Incrediwear Elbow Braces are unisex and grey in color and comes in 2 sizes.
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