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Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor (BAM)

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Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor (BAM)

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    • Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor exchanges data wirelessly. No synchronization is required to connect the device with your phone. Your breath activates the app and measuring process. It calibrates automatically and professionally via Lapka servers — using your device ID.
    • Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitorutilizes the most sensible mouthpiece ever — your hand. There's never a need to replace the mouthpiece or worry about sanitation (as long as your hands are fairly clean). Your lips never touch the device.
    • Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor is designed to fit in your palm. When you make a fist around the device, the edge of your hand allows for perfect air pressure and flow.
    • Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor is ceramic. This makes the device highly durable, pleasantly heavy and beautiful.Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor has a very long battery life. You'll have to recharge it only once every 2-3 months.
    • Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor is powered by an electrochemical platinum fuel cell sensor (not a semiconductor-based one!) Fuel cell sensors are highly precise and are the police standard for breathalysers.
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